Blogging: 3 Powerfully Irresistible Reasons Why People Do It – Day 3

Amazon Associates Beginners 24-Day Guide To Blogging – Day 3


There are a wide range of compelling reasons why people start blogging, and they break down into three general categories which are: meaningful activity, people interaction and making money.

When I refer to blogging in this article, I am speaking to a single person, a small rural homestead business, and a small group.

Large businesses hire professionals to build their website/blog to match the vision, mission and strategy of their company.

With that in mind, let’s look closer at why the average person starts blogging.

Blogging Is A Meaningful Activity

When a person or group start blogging about something they perceive to be of value, it is a meaningful activity.

Examples of a meaningful activity are a sport, charity, personal cause, etc. to get your message out to the world.

Over the years, I have helped people set up websites/blogs to raise money for a particular cause because I work in the nonprofit sector.

These people are motivated to start blogging because they want to help or promote a particular cause.

A lot of meaningful activity has moved to Facebook pages and groups, but many people still prefer to have a website/blog,.

It tends to make your message more official and trusted.

Blogging Interacts With People

Many people simply want to start blogging to interact with other people.

Others just want to share their political opinion, music, poetry or whatever passion it is that they enjoy.

They simply want to be heard and want others to read what they have to say.

There are many reasons why bloggers want to interact with other people about something.

Blogging Makes Money Online

The most popular reason of all why people start blogging is to make money online.

Literally, there are millions of searches for “make money online” every single month.

Their reasons vary, but they all want to start some type of online business that will make them money.

Some of the reasons why people start blogging include:

  • Desperation
  • Unemployed with time on their hands
  • Employed, but want to leave the 9-5 rat race
  • Just want to get rich (even though blogging is not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme.”) 🙂

Each person who wants to make money online is driven by something inside.

Some want to prove they can be successful, others want to get involved in the technical challenge, and some have witnessed others success online.

The main reason is that people want to leave the daily grind and be able to make money working from home.

Why Start Blogging

The answer to that question also explains some of the many ways to make money blogging, which I will cover later.

It is suffice for now to understand that ‘why people start blogging’ varies a great deal.

For example, some people enjoy craft work and want to sell their products online.

A small business that cleans PVC pipes want to advertise its service online.

Others want to write eBooks and sell them.

These are just a few basic reasons why people start blogging, which leads to monetizing their website/blog.

On my website/blog for example, I build Amazon Associates links that contain information and product reviews.

These are the triggers that make visitors decide to click my Amazon Associates links.

When visitors click certain links within my website/blog, they are taken to Amazon.

When they buy a product, Amazon pay me a commission for referring that sale.

My reason for blogging is to make money because I am retired. 🙂

Therefore, I have time on my hands and I love working online.

Blogging motivates and drives me to earn money.

Although making money online drives me, it also helps that I like to write about things I enjoy.

I also enjoy learning about the technical components of planning and building a website/blog.

Follow my blogging journey about making money and saving money, which I love to do and know quite a lot about.

As I continue to build and update my Amazon Associates website/blog, I will show you how starting a blog is done from beginning to end.

In conclusion, individuals start blogging for a wide variety of reasons.

People in the U.S. start blogging for a cause or passion, but the main reason is to make money online.

For others it is to help promote a business idea.

Many bloggers in other parts of the world simply do it because they want to share their thoughts and passions.

Still, the main reason why people start blogging is to make money online.

When most people start blogging, they are not sure how to make money so they look it up online and head off on their journey.

Stay tuned to learn my way of monetizing a website/blog because it is a great opportunity.

Also, there are many other ways, which I will cover in the next lesson.

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