Blog Topic: How To Pick One For What You Do Best – Day 6

Blog Topic
Blog Topic: How To Pick One For What You Do Best – Day 6

Amazon Associates Beginners 24-Day Guide To Blogging Day 6

If you have decided to build a blog, then this is where the rubber meet the road to find the right blog topic for what you do best.

In this lesson, I teach how to generate income as an Amazon Associates affiliate, and build an email list with the intent of selling your own niche information products.

An email list is not a mandatory thing to do, but it is a valuable source of revenue because “the money is in the list.”

Focus on building your Amazon Associates website first!

The Amazon Associates website I am building is

Tips | Tricks For Picking A Good Blog Topic

There are certain elements your new blog must have to make money.

I have listed them below (not specifically in this order) with detail explanation:

⦁ Evergreen topic
⦁ A buyer’s market
⦁ A lot to write about
⦁ Plenty of high rated, good selling products on Amazon
⦁ Helpful Information that solves problems
⦁ Opportunity to expand your website with content and extra revenue opportunities

If your blog topic includes all of the above, then your chance of success is good.

Evergreen Topic: The purpose of building a website is to make sales year round.

Some people build Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day websites, etc., however, they only make sales at certain times of the year.

It is better to have a website that is not seasonal that makes good sales all year round.

Find A Blog Topic In A Buyer’s Market

Your blog topic must be in a buyer’s market.

Writing Potential: A blogger must write and publish articles on a regular basis.

Therefore, the blog topic you pick must have enough material to write about.

A narrow blog topic run the risk of running out of subjects to write about.

Products On Amazon: Focus on a buyer’s market and recommend high rated products to your visitors.

Find products with ratings because it encourage visitors to make a purchase.

Helpful Information: A good website/blog is much more than just recommending products.

It must help your visitors and provide useful and informative information.

Helpful information is what bring people to your website!

And, they may share this information with other people, which brings more visitors to your site.

They may also find a product they like and make a purchase.

Write unique and compelling content that answer visitor’s searches and offer solutions to their problems.

Growth Potential: Pick a blog topic that is easily be developed.

As you build your website around a topic, it must allow you to add other related information to your website, such as I do with “rural homesteading.”

In so doing, your website has the capability of growth.

Pick a topic that you like and is not seasonal.

Make certain there is a lot to write about for a mixture of helpful articles and product reviews.

Remember to pick a topic that can expand for future growth.

Your blog topic must be in a marketplace where people buy a lot products, and a lot of products are available with high ratings.

How To Narrow Down A Good Blog Topic?

Understanding Markets, Niches, Sub-Niches: Before you decide on a blog topic, research markets, niches and sub-niches.

Build a blog around a particular interest that you are knowledgeable and enjoy writing about, which was covered in the lesson about “blogger skills”  that you must have.

With that in mind, it is important to test the blog topic in your market.

A market is the broad term for a topic of interest and some examples are golf, toys, cooking, cars and motorcycles.

These are broad terms that capture a large market.

It is unwise to try to rank your website for a broad term, because it is dominated by big and powerful corporations.

It is better to pick a section of the market, which is referred to as a niche.

How To Pick A Blog Topic To Understand Your Market?

Building a website/blog about a smaller niche gives you a much better chance of ranking it.

Drill down to find a “profitable” sub-niche, and focus on a smaller sub-niche that your website/blog can be the “go to authority” to find the best information.

Your blog must use this exact technique.

What Topic Should You Blog About?

Blob about a topic you are genuinely interest in.

It must be a sub-niche as I have explained above.

The niche or sub-niche must be huge and have plenty to write about.

Avoid picking a niche too small and narrow.

For example, left handed golf clubs is a great sub-niche, but left handed golf drivers is too small.

If you pick left handed golf drivers, there are only a limited amount of products available, and what you can write about the topic is limited.

There is a lot more to write about golf clubs.

Since you are building an Amazon Associates website/blog, make certain there are enough products to promote.

At the end of the day, there is no point building an affiliate website/blog if Amazon does not stock a number of high rated products related to the blog topic.

For example, you are genuinely interested in lizards, and there are toy lizards and books to promote on Amazon.

Build a website about lizards and sell information products about how to care for them and have a few ads too.

How To Brainstorm A Profitable Blog Topic?

Make a list of activities that you are genuinely interested in such as hobbies or passions.

Place the ideas on your list into sub-niche markets and check what products, if any, are available on Amazon.

By brainstorming, you will come up with a range of potential opportunities.

Next, find the niches that have a good range of high rated products on Amazon.

Amazon Product Availability

As you build a website/blog to make money, the only way to achieve it is to include affiliate products.

Also, make certain there are enough high rated products of high value.

Only promote products that have the following Amazon attributes:

⦁ 4 star rating and above
⦁ Over 100 reviews
⦁ Price point of $25.00+ average

As a result, you will have high quality products that sell really well.

Amazon pays a percentage commission on a sale, so the higher value products make more money for you.

I explain later in the guide why $25.00+ is the minimum price point.

While deciding on a topic, stick to the above guidelines and follow the list above to pick a profitable topic.

Overall, motorcycles have good value, a good rating, and over 100 buyer reviews.

In summary, pick an evergreen topic related to products people buy year round.

In a Amazon buyer’s market, you can tell from the number of reviews whether or not it is a buyer’s market, and there is a lot to write about.

For example, provide helpful information to advise your readers how to pick a good product for motorcycles, the maintenance process, what the different types of motorcycles are, how to ride motorcycles, and anything motorcycle related.

In terms of growth potential, it is easy to include other motorcycle related information on your website such as books, toys and games, cover, accessories, helmet, gloves, jackets, phone mount, glasses, face mask, etc.

In addition, create a good eBook about vintage motorcycle restoration as a giveaway to build an email list, and offer it as an item visitors can buy.

What if there are there are no topics on your list that meet the criteria?

Repeat the process until you pick one, to make sure that your website/blog has a strong chance of success.

Check the potential topics against the key criteria and make certain they pass the test.

If none of your topics pass the test, then come up with more idea.

Try to come up with 2-3 topics to test in terms of market research, keyword research, competition analysis to see if they meet your financial goals.

At the end of this lesson you must have at least 2-3 general topics to consider building a website/blog around.

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