Black Owned Organic Hemp: Launches Academy For Entrepreneurs

Black Owned Organic Hemp

Black Owned Organic Hemp: Launches Academy For Entrepreneurs

Discover The Top 3 Black Owned Organic Hemp Business Models You Can Start Today

It’s not often that an emerging industry arises, which is why Cory Holmes decided to launch his Black owned organic hemp business, Holmes Organics.

The Farm Bill of 2018 brought with it the legalization of hemp-derived CBD.

CBD is a powerful plant extract that has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, not to be confused with the plant used to produce marijuana.

It’s a product with all the medicinal benefits of marijuana, and zero risk of getting high—making CBD legal in all 50 states.

“I grew up in poor neighborhoods with gun violence, having stress and anxiety as a part of my daily life,” said Holmes.

“In college, I suffered from a few football concussions. In 2017, I was randomly shot at while driving—and the PTSD didn’t set in until about a year later.”

Pharmaceuticals were the most common treatment for my symptoms, but they come with harsh side effects and the high risk of addiction. This made side-effect-free CBD the better alternative. Also, an option that delivers faster and more powerful results.”

Holmes started exploring hemp-derived CBD, but quickly found that few products worked.

The industry is highly unregulated, not all products are pure, and quality can vary from one batch to the next.

He saw an opportunity to do better and he jumped.

His black owned organic hemp products are pure and the processing is fully transparent.

His line includes a full range of CBD products including a tincture, supplement, targeted pain relief salve, bath bomb, haircare, products, and dog treats—with more natural ways to heal on the way.

“Holmes Organics is so much more than my business,” said Holmes.

“It’s my way to help people heal and thrive—naturally.

Helping people is what I love to do, which is why I am taking things one step further by launching my proprietary startup program.”

In addition to his organic CBD, Holmes is excited to announce the launch of his CBD Startup Academy.

His goal is to teach aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs how to get their business off the ground.

This proprietary program includes lessons and strategies he learned to launch his successful business, including:

● Cannabis Business Entity Setup
● Choosing Reputable Distributors
● 3 Low-Cost Business Models
● Marketing Your CBD Business
● Building Your CBD E-Commerce Website
● And More

If you would like to learn more about Black owned organic hemp operated Holmes Organic, as well as the medicinal benefits of CBD—head over to

They also offer a Veterans’ Discount Program.

If you are an aspiring cannabis entrepreneur, you can pre-enroll for the CBD Startup Academy now at

About Holmes Organics

Founded in January 2019, Holmes Organics is a Black-owned, CBD and wellness business.

Offering organic and high-quality solutions, including gummies, softgel tablets, dog treats and bath bombs.

Committed to wellness, Holmes Organic products were designed to offer relief to more common issues like stress, anxiety to medical conditions, including epilepsy.

To learn more about their products, visit

Navigate The $7 Billion Cannabis Brand For Your Success

Fortunately, the CBD Startup Academy is a new program giving away a free business model.

It has been developed to help rural and urban people and others from disadvantaged communities to quickly learn how to become a successful entrepreneur.

The CBD Startup Academy has been developed to teach people how to navigate the $22 billion cannabis market to:

  • Promote reputable CBD or,
  • Mix CBD with your current products and services or,
  • Own your own brand.

Now, you can quickly learn step-by-step what is needed to get started as a CBD entrepreneur.

You will also be able to easily understand the CBD opportunity and the three different ways to invest in this valuable brand.

Because of it’s newly discovered health benefits,  “pure” extracts like CBD have quickly grown into a multi-billion dollar global industry.

Every month, more and more states, countries and territories are legalizing this once illegal product.

Now that it is legal, aspiring entrepreneurs can benefit from the profits that are made annually.

If you are an aspiring cannabis entrepreneur, you can pre-enroll in the Black owned organic hemp Academy now at