Big News: Launching Rural Money Homestead Garden Blog
Big News: Launching Rural Money Homestead Garden

Advice, Tips, My Rural Lifestyle And Self-Sufficiency

Big news; I’m launching the Rural Money Homestead Garden Blog, sister website for you to read advice and tips before you make your garden successful.

It will be full of my homemade projects, money-saving tips of course and goodness to be exact.

Head over to my new blog now to check it out.

You are not going to want to miss this!

And, as if that was not enough, I have a second bit of news as well.

I have listened to your droves of emails and messages asking to bring back more of my digital content (videos) from my homestead lifestyle.

Well, I heard you loud and clear and have already begun ramping up my online exclusive content.

You’ll find in this site many videos (eventually) that continue on the website.

So, go ahead over and check out what I’m doing online for the Rural Money Homestead Garden!

For your convenience, there will always be a link to the site in the navigation on Rural Money.

You can also sign up, for free, to receive my updates straight from me in your inbox on the best of what’s happening on the homestead.

I look forward to seeing you in your inbox, on YouTube and sharing all of my secret homestead insights!

Go ahead and visit now: RuralMoneyHomesteadGarden.com

Tonza Borden

FOUNDER, Rural Money Homestead Garden


YouTube: RuralMoneyOfficial

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