Best Survival Food Patriots Can’t Do Without

Best Survival Food
Best Survival Food Patriots Can’t Do Without

Be Prepared To Stave Off Hunger In Any Emergency Food Shortage!

Survival is served with this best survival food that should be in every patriot and prepper’s root cellar that you can’t do without.

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You can call them what you like, but these four survival foods will fill your belly and soothe your soul, anytime.

4 Best Survival Foods

1. Collards – The Other Greens

In other words, “collard greens” are as well-known as grits and greens!

Since their first documented American mention in 18th-century Virginia, they have been associated as po’ folk food.

Now touted as a “new” super food or “the new kale” by Whole Foods, the culinary world is celebrating the versatility of this wholesome, dietary mainstay.

Called by any other name, it’s still collard greens and should be in all serious homesteader’s and prepper’s garden.

I will always remember an old “prepper lady” who had canned collard greens and fat back meat in mason jars stockpiled under her bed.

2. Sorghum For Sopping

It may sound new to you, but us old school folks know what it is.

What is it you may ask?

It’s called the south’s answer to maple syrup.

Sorghum is a member of the grass family whose stalk, in certain varieties, provides a sugar-heavy sap that can be boiled into a form of molasses.

Now that’s gettin’ down to what it really is – sorghum molasses!

This plant is a natural sweetener that should be on all survivalist list to plant.

3. Rice – The Whiter, The Better

Once used as an enticement for ducks being hunted, this long-grain rice variety is deeply attached to the legacy of po’ folks and their survival.

Although, today, rice is a welcome side dish on anyone’s table.

I’m not keen on trying to grow rice, but stockpiling it is definitely on my prepper list.

4. Barbecue – You Can Grow Them Cheaper Than Buying Spareribs

Barbecue has followed the way of the banjo, everybody loves them!

Barbecue was once a staple, but now it is symbolic of one of the best meals you could ever eat.

As if you didn’t know, to barbecue means to roast or grill meat over a big wood fire.

For all intents and purposes of survival and emergency preparedness, barbecue means buying two hogs, male and female, and breeding them until the pigs are ready for table and market.

Building a smoke-house would be the next step, and learning butchery is the art of making all those choice cuts of barbecue.

With all four of these survival foods in your root cellar, I guarantee you will be prepared to stave off hunger in any emergency food shortage. | Work From Home Tips – Rural Money Profit Is Your Payday™ – If you like it, share it!