Best Home Based Business Ideas: What To Sell In Rural Areas

Best Home Based Business Ideas
Best Home Based Business Ideas: What To Sell In Rural Areas

21 Ignored, But Best Home Based Business Ideas

There are many ways for entrepreneurs to find the best home based business ideas to make big money, hiding in plain sight in rural areas.

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Many entrepreneurs have already turned their passion into a big, interesting and lucrative concern.

Therefore, staying in a rural area is no reason why you will not be able to succeed, if you want to.

All you need is a determination, a good business strategy, and creative ways to fund your home based business.

Here are 21 ideas that you may have overlooked and with a website you can greatly increase your income.

1. Smoked/Cured Meat

One of the best home based business ideas I can think of is selling smoked and cured meat from your own hobby farm pigs.

Start your business by taking hams to festivals, etc. and sell sliced meat by the pound.

People are fascinated by fresh, smoked meats hanging about that they can select and sample.

And, there is no reason why you can’t sell whole hams, shanks, tenderloins … gift boxed?

2. Organic Fruit/Vegetables

Produce and sell farm grown “organic” fruits and vegetables that are free from chemicals and animal and human by-product fertilizers.

Having your garden “certified” organic can be lucrative if done the right way.

This is because many people want to know how their food is produced.

Also, consumers are now aware of the health risks of eating GMO foods treated with pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Whether or not your garden is certified organic, you can still promote it as a “clean food” grown with no chemicals or by-product fertilizers.

Starting a green house to cultivate organic vegetables is the fastest way to profits.

It could be a big hit where people can see and select what they want.

This is also a good way to have a four season garden producing food and profits year round.

People will come from near and far to buy your “clean” vegetables and herbs whether from farm, greenhouse or roadside stand.

3. Barnyard Construction

If you have good knowledge of carpentry and woodwork, then this is the ideal venture to pursue.

In rural areas, farmers and homeowners might not have the skills needed to construct barns, chicken coops, etc. needed for residential or business purposes.

Starting a small construction company exclusively for barnyard construction might be your best home based business option.

4. Barnyard/House Cleaning 

Large farms or ranches might need help to clean out horse stalls, barns, chicken coops, etc.

Therefore, a small cleaning service could offer weekly or monthly services.

5. Mobile Family Hair Salon

Opening a mobile family hair salon is one of the best home based business options for rural areas.

People who live remotely may not have access to this kind of professional service, so this is a potential profitable niche.

Make it mobile and you eliminate overhead expenses.

6. Free Range Eggs

Eggs from free range chickens are sought after by specialty grocery stores and restaurants.

Starting a small poultry business does not require a lot of land, chickens or feed.

Put the chicken coop near the compost pile and let them eat from it, garden and kitchen scraps.

Be certain to check state laws for zoning requirements, even in rural areas.

7. Buffalo Milk/Cheese

I am told that buffalo milk is one of the best dairy products and becoming a strong alternative to cow milk.

Under the right production standards, buffalo milk and cheese could be a “boutique” dairy business for special order customers.

If you are skilled in raising, breeding and milking buffaloes, then you may be ready to fill local orders for raw buffalo milk.

8. Chili Pepper Farming

Pepper is a huge industry because many people like hot and spicy seasoning.

No matter what size crop you want, you need good farming skills, a lot of sunlight and fertile soil, pots and a greenhouse for this cottage business.

Before you start any business study the market to determine where and who you will sell quality chili.

9.  Hemp Farming

There is a growing niche for selling hemp in the market today.

Before embarking on this venture, however, you need to research how to start a hemp business. Don’t be the last one to get on this bandwagon!

10. Rural Camp Site Rental

Start a rental camp site that is well equipped with tents and other necessary camping equipment.

Advertise this business in rural and urban newspapers, and you will see a steady stream of campers.

Kids and students are always looking out for faraway camping spots; and this can be exactly what they want.

Having a camp store stocked with camping equipment, canned food, etc. could double profits, and a lakeside campsite could triple profits.

A lot of groups that visit rural areas for camping would find this helpful.

11. Roadside Store/Stand

Open and operate an old rural store with country merchandise like oil lamps, kerosene, wicks, canning jars, homemade candles and soap, etc.

If you source merchandise at a low price, then you can sell it at a profitable margin.

In addition, put a roadside stand outside to entice travelers to stop and shop for fresh vegetables, fruits, cold drinks, snow cones, etc.

Also, selling local sourced items can encourage a rural shopping experience for tourists in rural areas.

Most businesses in a small community focus on locally made products.

However, there’s always a market for global products, too.

If you dare to disrupt the status quo by offering global products for sale in your small community, you will make more profit than you ever imagined.

12. Rural Tours

Capitalize on city tourists interested in living in a rural area by offering rural tours, local information, transportation options such as wagon rides, antique car rides, etc., guides to local festivities, and sources for local merchandise.

13. Broadband Internet

This business is provided as an affiliate or local distributor without being risky and capital intensive.

There are plenty of established Internet service providers in rural areas willing to help people who are experiencing no and slow Internet connection.

You can start small by reselling services from major data carriers.

14. Fix It/Repair

Most of the time, people throw away small appliances when they stop working or don’t work right.

If you are good at fixing things, you can make a fortune by collecting and fixing items.

Sell them to those who need them but cannot afford the cost of new ones.

Have homeowners recycle them to you curbside on trash day.

This business produces an excellent income stream from fixing broken things and selling things you have fixed.

15. Cultural Clothing

People living in small communities e.g. Amish, distinguish themselves with their traditional styles of fashion.

Make their kind of clothes and you will make lots of profit.

You don’t have to sew them.

Outsource to one or two seamstresses in the community and negotiate with them.

They produce and you sell locally, on eBay and Amazon.

16. Cultural Jewelry

A rural area that is rich in pottery, shells, driftwood, seeds, rocks, etc. presents an artisan’s dream to craft beautiful pieces of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, etc.

17. Knowledge Masterclass

Build a business around your knowledge, skill and ability–something you’re good at.

There are a lot of people just sitting on knowledge that could be useful to many others.

Start a blog or create an eBook about how to survive during a depression, how to find water by dowsing, etc.

This is knowledge that you did not learn in school.

If you really know your stuff, then you can successfully impart the knowledge to others; and you will make lots of profit.

18. Mobile Bakery

Every town loves fresh baked goods, but they don’t have a bakery.

Start a mobile bakery to offer fresh baked bread, cakes, cookies and pastries, etc.

Don’t even think about a baking business if you can’t make a “tender dough” for flaky biscuits and pie crusts.

There’s always a market for baked goods so you will never lose.

Turn that old van or school bus into a mobile bakery to sell your goodies on the road.

People would gladly pay $3 for a delicious three inch mini pie.

19. Mobile/Roadside Florist

People buy flowers for special, happy and sad occasions such as birthdays, weddings, funerals, memorial services, etc.

So, if you start a business that sells flowers for all occasions, events, and holidays, you will make lots of money.

Sell all of those cut flowers growing in the front and back yard with a mobile/roadside floral shop.

Start a green house and you will have flowers and plants to sell year round.

20. Chinese Laundry

Everyone loves his or her clothes clean, so a laundry business is one of the best home based business ideas for entrepreneurs living in rural areas.

It’s a recession proof business since people need clean clothes all the time.

Do you realize that many people don’t like to wash—even with their own washer and dryer?

This is a very profitable business, and all you need to start is a washer, dryer and steam iron.

21. Firewood Delivery

There are a lot of older people living off grid in rural areas and they need wood for heating and cooking fuel.

Starting a firewood delivery business could become profitable fast.

Most people are not able to maintain the required cords of wood to survive harsh winters.

If you can source wood from fallen trees on private property, then you can sell it for 100 percent profit.

Also, post a sign on the curb where there is a lot of traffic and keep it there year after year for repeat and new business.

Now, can you see the many home based business ideas that you can adopt and be successful at in rural areas?

The most important thing you should do is carefully identify your niche, knowledge, skill or ability.

Other than that, you may also need some expert advice to get your cottage business going.

As far as finding start up funds, get a part-time job, build it, make it, use what you have without borrowing money, and by all means start small!

Don’t forget to create an all-inclusive Income Activator money-making website to promote your best home based business in rural areas.


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