Barn Sale: How To Have A Profitable Group Barn Sale

Barn Sale
Barn Sale: How To Have A Profitable Group Sale

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Having a group barn sale is a great rural home business and way to liquidate the unique belongings that have accumulated in your home.

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If your friends are anything like mine, then you have probably gathered a few too many “treasures” over the years.

It is so easy as your family expands and grows to gather all kinds of things that you probably will never need or use again.

About once every other year, I get overwhelmed with the amount of stuff that I own, yet do not need.

My new solution now that I live in a rural area?

A huge barn sale that allows each one of my friends to go through all (and I mean all) of their belongings, and come up with ‘unique’ items that we can sell together.

Having a barn sale is a great way to liquidate the belongings that have accumulated in your home.

The first step to having a barn sale is sitting down for a group meeting.

During this meeting, discuss the reasons why your homes have gotten cluttered and out of control, and agree on having a sale.

Discuss what kinds of items you might be able to sell, not excluding handmade crafts and folk art, baked goods, etc., and choose a weekend for the event with enough lead time to borrow or rent a barn, and get everything organized.

Start looking for a barn for a 3-day event.

It is important to get everyone in the group in on the initial planning stages, and also to see that each one understand the need, and the reasons for having a sale.

If you do not get all of your friends on board with an understanding of why you are having a ‘barn sale,’ they will probably not be apt to participate fully in the event.

After your barn sale group meeting, you begin going through your possessions.

How To Acquire Barn Sale Items?

Get your children to go through their room and their belongings on their own, and set aside items and clothes that you think would be good to sell at the event.

Help to increase your sales and make the barn sale a success by selecting clothes and household items that are brand new, and vintage collectibles.

These are the things that draw a crowd.

Once the group has agreed upon all of the items that you will attempt to sell, you begin the process of pricing your items corporately for the group sale.

All group members must be convinced that every part of the sale process must be done as a group.

You do the pricing together, you setup all of the tables, etc. for the barn sale together, and you run the sale together.

The only thing done separately is your sales.

You will learn that a successful and profitable barn sale goes better when everyone feels a sense of ownership about what is happening with the sale.

If you and your friends are looking for a great way to simplify your home, and to do a great activity together, look no further than doing a barn sale in your rural area.

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