Auto Detailing: 3 Keys To Earn Higher Profits

Auto Detailing
Auto Detailing: 3 Keys To Earn Higher Profits

The Age Of Upscale Car Wash Is Here!

The age of upscale car wash is here because as we keep our cars longer, we take better care of them; so that’s why auto detailing is booming.

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I have a 31-step process for auto detailing. I shampoo seats, do the dashboard with Q-tips, clean the trunk, dress the engine, etc. It takes three hours for what I do; and I charge $120.00. That’s detailing!

This would be the typical response of someone who does auto detailing if you asked what they can do for your car and how much they would charge you.

The age of upscale carwash is here.

As we keep our cars longer (average time is 7.5 years), we take better care of them.

This is precisely why the carwash business is booming; and so is auto detailing.

Use the following three keys in your detailing business to earn higher profits:


Many auto detail services run their business in executive parking lots.

They get a permit from the city and from the landlord whose lot they use.

This convenient for employees who otherwise might not have time to take their cars to a shop that would take three hours to get all the detailing completed.

In a mobile operation such as this, you will need a v an or pickup truck and access to running water and preferably AC power.

In some cities, there are companies that can convert and customize pickup trucks into mobile detail shops with their own water reservoir and on-board power generator.


Although many auto detailers will swear that a bulk of their business comes from car dealers, in reality the car dealer market is small and extremely competitive.

Most car dealers need their cars detailed before they are offered at an auction or displayed on the lot.

However, the biggest market of all is still on the road.

Individual car owners represent 180 million passenger cars, plus an additional 40 million pickup trucks.

This market, with an average of 7.5 years, is ripe for detail jobs at least twice a year.


The best way to build up a base in this business is to introduce a mid-priced service that offers extras that carwashes do not offer.

Detail jobs in the price range of $30 to $50 will open up a new market that can provide a growing stream of customers.

You can provide a written list of what you do and how you charge additional fees above your basic prices.

With five customers per day, at one hour each, you should be able to average about $200 a day.

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