Arthritis Hurts But Can It Kill You: It’s A Profitable Niche

Arthritis Hurts But Can It Kill You: It’s A Profitable Niche

Help Joint Pain Sufferers KNOCK OUT Arthritis…

Yes, arthritis hurts and it may seem that your knees ache so much that it’s not physically possible to “kick the bucket.”

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However, emerging research shows that more and more deaths are a direct result of arthritis [this is a sample blog post for this niche].

Arthritis Is A Serious Problem

Joint pain is already known to be the most prevalent chronic disease in the world.

It affects over half of all adults over the age of 55.

More and more scientists are sounding the alarm over hospitalizations and premature deaths due to arthritis.

Arthritis Kills More People Than Heart Disease

If there’s one thing everyone knows about health, it is that more people die from heart disease than any other cause.

Or does it?

According to a study by Harvard University researchers that was recently published in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases, the rates of death for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) were more than double that of people without RA.

It gets even scarier.

Many people with RA have a protein known as Rheumatoid Factor.

This protein is a marker of how bad your joint pain is.

Even without a blood test, if your RA causes you serious pain, you may have Rheumatoid Factor.

This same research team discovered that 9 out of every 10 people with Rheumatoid Factor died within the two years that they were being followed.

How Does Arthritis Kill?

Many joint experts are crying out for an earth shattering arthritis paradigm shift.

Arthritis isn’t just a disease—it’s a symptom of a disease too.

In other words, people who are in tip-top shape generally don’t get arthritis.

However, people who do have this disease are significantly more susceptible to stroke, infections and heart attacks, than the general public.

Joint pain may spread infectious diseases like Hepatitis, Influenza, Measles, Rubella, etc.

That’s why treating only arthritis—while ignoring overall health—is a fool’s errand.

Even people who treat their joint pain with medications die at the same rate as those who do nothing about their disease.

The bottom line is that you’ve got to holistically treat your arthritis, if you want to reduce your risk of a visit from the Grim Reaper and/or relieve arthritis and joint pain:

  • Lose Weight: All forms of arthritis dramatically improve by dropping those excess pounds. You’ll also be free-falling your risk of heart disease, diabetes and depression to boot.
  • Eliminate “Trigger Foods”: Secret trigger foods cause more cases of arthritis than your doctor would leave you to believe. Cutting these foods out can often silence the constant anguish of arthritis—without needing to do anything else.
  • Eat More Fish: The common denominator of all 100 forms of arthritis is inflammation. The powerful omega-3s in fatty fish like mackerel and salmon knock inflammation—and arthritis—down a few notches.
  • Use Turmeric Supplements:  You can benefit from what scientist have learned about turmeric, the natural inflammation-fighting pain relief remedy that is completely changing the rules of pain management. Hidden deep in the turmeric plant’s bright-yellow roots is an extraordinarily powerful compound called curcumin that has the unique ability to block an enzyme that causes inflammation throughout your entire body-inflammation that can trigger swelling, pain and stiffness.

How To Make Money With An Arthritis Niche Blog?

Arthritis is a $32 billion niche.

Pain sufferers don’t just want to be informed, they want solutions to relieve arthritis and joint pain.

And, don’t worry about the market because there is plenty of growth in the market.

Yours truly is a joint pain sufferer, patient and information seeker so; I know that this is a PROFITABLE niche for an affiliate website/blog.

There are only several major blogs and a half dozen other popular sites dominating this niche.

However, there is plenty of room in between because there are “plenty of fish.”

Don’t just take my word for it, check out these market statistics.

Market Size

  • Market Size is $32 billion
  • Business – 104,366
  • Employment – 449,170
  • Annual Growth 3.0%
  • Number of people who have been diagnosed – 50 million
  • Number of knee replacements performed due to arthritis – 454,652
  • Number of hip replacements performed due to arthritis – 232,857
  • Number of shoulder replacements performed due to arthritis – 41,934
  • Number of other joint replacements performed due to arthritis – 12,055

Market Demographics

  • Core consumers aged 65 and above about 12.1%
  • 55.9% Male and 52.7% Female users are married
  • 27.6% people have no educational qualification
  • 15.7% people are Assoc. Professional & Technicians
  • 24% are in occupation of Wholesale and retail trade

Source: Ibisworld

Common Keyword Searches On Google

Knee pain – 201,000

Joint pain relief – 4,400

Knee joint pain – 9,900

Hip joint pain – 12,100

Sacroiliac joint – 22,200

Thumb joint pain – 5,400

Joint pain – 49,500

The keywords above show the monthly searches on Google for this niche.

Combined, they add up to over 6,010,000 searches a month.

And, that’s not including the thousands of long tail keywords.

In other words, this is a huge niche with a lot of demand.

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The bottom line is arthritis is a PROFITABLE niche, and you don’t need to be an “expert” to start an authority blog.

Searchers naturally follow trigger keywords and titles that identify their “pain” and offer solutions.

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Only 3 Things Needed To Get Started

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Your estimated startup costs for this niche is $60 a month for the website; and the IT service you get is phenomenal.

In closing, take action to start your arthritis authority blog, which is a profitable niche for you to make money in rural areas.

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