How To Appear To Be A Millionaire In 4 Weeks With This Easy Hack

Appear To Be A Millionaire
How To Appear To Be A Millionaire In 4 Weeks With This Easy Hack

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It is possible to appear to be a millionaire in four weeks; and it is very easy to do because success attracts money and power.

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Another thing I have learned is that it is possible to create this illusion of wealth, and to use this illusion to become wealthy.

All this is possible because in today’s computerized, impersonal world, it only takes the appearance of wealth to make money.

People believe what they see!

Follow these strategies to dress for success here.

If you appear wealthy and successful, to them you are.

It’s only human nature to judge a book by its cover.

And, by merely appearing wealthy, you can perhaps even become wealthy because success attracts money and power.

Secret Plan To Appear To Be Worth $1,000,000 In 4 Weeks

The plan to appear to be worth $1,000,000 in four weeks is very simple and easy.

  • First, form a corporation in the State of Delaware. For more information on forming a corporation write: Delaware Charter Company, 1314 King Street, Wilmington, DE. The big thing is that no proof of capitalization is required in Delaware.
  • You can, therefore, issue yourself 1,000 shares of stock in the corporation and assign a value of $1,000 to each share.

This gives your corporation a paper value of one million dollars.

You don’t have to live in Delaware to form a corporation there.

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