Apartment Boutique Business: How To Start A Fast Money Plan

Apartment Boutique Business
Apartment Boutique Business: How To Start A Fast Money Plan

Open A Discreet Pre-Owned Clothing Business At Home!

If you live in a large apartment complex, have a flair for fashion, and an outgoing personality, start an apartment boutique business.

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You can earn money selling clothing from your apartment.

Specialize in ladies’ or children’s apparel and accessories.

Men are too traditional to buy much from you.

Fast Money Plan For Your Apartment Boutique Business

Purchase your merchandise at end-of-season department store sales, from wholesalers, and from discount stores.

Or purchase used clothing at thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, etc..

Mark up the price  you pay by about 35 percent.

Your price will then be about one-third off the regular price.

For example, for a silk scarf that normally retails for $20, and that you buy at discount for $10, resell it for $10 plus 35 percent, or $13.50.

However, try to set your prices so they end with $.97 or $.98.

So sell the scarf for $13.97.

To attract customers, place notices on bulletin boards, put fliers under doors.

You can even go door-to-door to market your apartment boutique business items.

After a while, you will have a steady clientele, especially of working women who don’t have time to shop.

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