Amazon Flex: Package Delivery Gig To Make Money With Your Car

Amazon Flex
Amazon Flex: Package Delivery Gig To Make Money With Your Car

Amazon Flex Delivers, Be Your Own Boss: U.S. Calling For Home Delivery During COVID-19 Pandemic!

Amazon Flex pays $18-25/hour with incentives to be your own boss, set your own schedule, and have more time to pursue your goals and dreams.

Wells Fargo knew a thing or two about package delivery when they started in 1852 and expanded from banking to express services.

If you don’t think that package delivery is becoming a consumer preference, then you are wrong.

Not only is package delivery booming, but store pickup is also convenient and saves shipping cost.

For example, I ordered a printer from Walmart and saved $6 on shipping by picking it up locally.

Amazon Flex Is An Interesting Way To Make Money

The only drawback I have is that Amazon start a lot of services to compete i.e. drone delivery.

However, they fizzle out if many people don’t adopt it.

That is probably why Amazon Flex is only available in a few major cities.

There is a “waiting list” for the rest of the country, if you can get the sign up page to work.

In spite of that, I think Amazon Flex is a good concept.

Apparently, Walmart agree because they, too, are participating in the “pony express.”

Giant package delivery companies have more parcels than they can deliver overnight.

Why Is Amazon Flex A Big Deal?

For one thing, rural America encompasses more land in the United States.

Yet, it remains an under-served market.

People in these areas are remote and many of them do not have transportation available to go shopping …

Hence, on January 1, 1913, parcel post service began.

It provides rural postal customers with package service and regular mail.

That one delivery service innovation eliminated a trip to town, which is a big deal.

This, along with rural free delivery, fueled a huge rise in catalog sales.

That is how the post office’s monopoly on mail was created.

But, it was too much competition for Wells Fargo express service.

Today, technology is responsible for shopping at the speed of light.

Consumers want their delivery as quick as possible.

Amazon Flex Provides Same-Day Delivery

Same-day delivery is not a new concept and neither is express package delivery.

But, more and more people are demanding faster shipping than overnight.

They want it the same day retail goods are ordered, particularly in local areas.

Although consumers are gradually ordering groceries online, the window is wide open for package and restaurant delivery.

Large retailers have done in-depth marketing research and crunched the numbers.

They know that local package and food delivery is the way of the future—consumers want it now!

With the rise of the Internet economy, multi family dwellings with restricted access face difficulties due to increasing volume of deliveries, such as food, which is time sensitive.

Some apartment and condominium buildings have built storage rooms for packages and installed refrigerators.

There is nothing new under the sun, but package delivery’s time has come around again to stay.

Thanks to technology, the demand is getting faster than they can meet it.

Consumers are constantly using responsive devices, therefore, suppliers have to meet their instant gratification requirements.

Amazon can afford to launch services using its online shopping, retail warehouses, and various chain stores for fulfillment, at relatively low cost.

That is why Amazon Flex can afford to pay you $18 – $25/hour!

The demand for same-day goods is here, but they’re wasting time experimenting  in a few cities!

Walmart is also delivering same-day packages from their stores in test cities using their own associates.

Frankly, I don’t know what Amazon Flex is waiting for since Uber … among others are experimenting with retail package delivery.

It proves that there is a huge market for the sale of more door-to-door, service-related goods.

Recipients want to receive packages in a timely and appropriate manner—not dropped from the sky by a drone or mishandled.

There are many people in rural areas willing and able to “deliver” for Amazon Flex to keep their customers happy.

Amazon Flex offers one of the few delivery jobs that can allow you to earn more than minimum wage, usually even after accounting for gas and wear and tear on your car. …

People who have large vehicles and deliver during the busiest times (or deliver Amazon Fresh and Prime orders) earn as much as $25 an hour.