Airbnb Hosting: Is Your Place A Good Fit To Make $

Airbnb Hosting
Airbnb Hosting: Is Your Place A Good Fit To Make Money

There Is A Perfect Airbnb Guest For Everyone!

With Airbnb hosting, you may not think a cozy sailboat or an apartment above a downtown music venue could be popular on Airbnb.

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But in fact, many different kinds of spaces appeal to guests—even the unique or modest ones.

The trick is creating a detailed, honest listing that showcases what makes your space appealing, whether it’s luxurious, quirky, or simple and affordable.

Start With The Basics

What do you need for an Airbnb space?

At a minimum, guests expect a clean, comfortable sleeping space and access to a restroom.

Not all listings have access to a kitchen, but it’s important to indicate whether or not your guests will have access to a cooking space.

Define Your Airbnb Hosting Property Type

Airbnb spaces run the gamut, so it’s important to indicate in your listing the exact type of property that you’re offering.

Is it a house?

An apartment?

A bed and breakfast or boutique hotel?

Some listings are even designated “unique spaces”—like treehouses, yurts, campsites, sailboats, windmills, RVs, etc.

Choose Where Guests Can Access

You can indicate to guests that they’ll have private access to your entire property, to a private room, or that they’ll be sharing spaces like the sleeping area, kitchen, or restroom with other people such as your family, roommates, or fellow guests.

Whether you dedicate the space to guests or keep your belongings there is up to you.

The important things are to keep your space clean and to communicate with guests about exactly what to expect.

Be Honest About Pros And Cons

Host Joy from San Francisco has a space that is conveniently located in the heart of the city—making it super convenient, but sometimes a little noisy.

She found that being honest in her listing about both the pros and cons was very important—and has earned her hundreds of good reviews.

“What’s most convenient about my space is that it’s in the core of the city,” Joy says.

“If you’re not someone who wants the hustle and bustle of the city, it might not be the space for you.”

Show And Tell

Abhay, a private-room host in San Francisco, includes his large white dog Cody as a prominent feature of his listing.

Being clear about the fact that he has a dog has made his pet a welcome part of his guests’ Airbnb experience.

“What I found was that everybody who stays with me is a dog lover,” Abhay says.

“People who don’t like dogs go somewhere else.”

Clarity is key here: mentioning pets in a listing is a great start, but pictures are worth a thousand words, as some guests might book without reading everything thoroughly.

If your space includes unique features (like a pet), it’s also a good idea to confirm during the booking process that guests have read the listing thoroughly.

Be Upfront

Tim, a host in Northern California, describes his space as a “a rustic retreat,” and there’s no hyperbole there.

Guests must climb a steep wooden staircase to the entrance, and the only bathtub is outdoors, which might be a luxury to the right guests.

He’s upfront about the rugged nature of the property and finds that guests book his space both for its proximity to nature and because it isn’t cookie-cutter.

Host Tim explains why it’s important to be honest about your space in your listing description.

Price Your Space Realistically

So your space isn’t the Taj Mahal—no problem!

Many guests are pleased to stay in a modest space as long as it feels like a good value.

For new hosts, consider starting with a price that’s a little bit lower than your ultimate goal.

This will help you attract guests, and once you’ve gotten a handful of great reviews, you can re-evaluate and raise your price if you need to.

A Space For Everyone

Anyone who has a spare space to share can thrive as an Airbnb host.

There’s no such thing as an “ideal” listing—you just need to be honest and detailed in your description and photos to help guests understand exactly what to expect.

From modest spare rooms to quirky rustic retreats to luxury estates, there’s a perfect space for everyone on Airbnb.

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