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5 Easy Affiliate Website Tips

Many bloggers ask themselves whether they can make money with affiliate websites every day and don’t believe it is possible, but I can show you how.

If you follow the five easy tips I have outlined, you can prove that you can make money online just like other successful Internet marketers.

As an easy example, I am so grateful when I receive emails that inform me that I have received a payment or revenues:

  • ClickBank
  • Amazon
  • Createspace
  • Kindle
  • Lulu
  • Shareasale
  • Adsense

And it is all legal tender.

I have been making money online for several years, but since I switched to a professional (not WordPress) affiliate website, both my traffic and online income have increased.

I think it is about time to share how you can add a few tips to your making money online strategy, and start receiving payments day or night.

I know that you are reading this post because you are trying to figure out how to do it, which is why I am sharing these five solid evidences that affiliate websites are good for your making cash online plan:

1.  Make Money With A Professional (Non WordPress) Affiliate Website

Gone are the days of the static websites (build them and they’ll come), learning and doing everything yourself, then sit and wait for the sales to come.

With an Income Activator web site, your site comes with a built-in Amazon store and much more to help your website make money from the start!

The distinctive difference is having a virtually free, professional site that sell digital products and generate automated income streams.

Therefore, you are not selling anything.

You are simply telling your audience and readers where to go!

You just drive traffic to your web site by updating regularly to explain your niche (hobby), whereby your related affiliate ads, products and partner links are displayed around your content, on every page.

When a curious visitor clicks through your affiliate links and/or makes a purchase, you earn a commission automatically, day or night.

I have owned many websites that I had to manually place the advertising, etc., but with a professional affiliate web site from Income Activator, it is all done for you.

Their websites have attractive themes and important plugins installed.

All you have to do is write niche-specific content that will get your blog ranked to attract visitors, and make money online faster.

Simply because you chose to use a professional (non WordPress) web site that involves a fully automated affiliate sales process.

As many of my readers are aware, I struggled with my site design, but I am happy with my new affiliate website, because it started making money and gaining traffic immediately.

It may not be a beautiful theme, but it’s a green, mean, making money online machine!

How Does Affiliate Websites Work?

The hardest part of making money online with an affiliate web site will be done for you by Income Activator at an amazing, affordable price.

You may find thousands of ways to run an online business, however, Income Activator differentiate itself from the traditional online business model and provide you the most convenient and comprehensive solutions that fulfill all your needs:

  • It does not involve tangible products or shipment, which enable you to skip the hassles of keeping inventories.
  • It runs on autopilot, which omitted your need of hiring an administrator.
  • It collaborates with reliable affiliates programmers, which enable you to run as an intermediary that does not have direct contact with customers.
  • It provides extensive supports, which allow you to own a unique affiliate website that is absolutely easy and ready-to-go!!

The easy and simple stuff is left to you such as writing and proofing posts, learning SEO techniques, Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. to help you make money online.

2.  Add Value To Your Affiliate Website Pages

+Patrick Sexton has written an excellent post about adding value to your affiliate website pages and the penalty of not following Google’s policy.

Value, at its simplest means you, the webmaster, are adding content that is useful to your users other than what is provided by the affiliate advertiser.

Let’s look at an all too common case of an affiliate site adding no value.

This is also known as a thin affiliate page. Read More …

Featured Video: How To Make Money Online With Kindle eBooks


3.  Watch Your eBook Sales Go Around On An Affiliate Carousel

With a professional affiliate website, you can create and sell your own affiliate products.

You can also make a lot of money by publishing your own eBooks and selling them on Kindle.

Click Here!

You can write eBooks from scratch, as I have and still do, or you can re-sell PLR eBooks.

ClickBank is the main way I sell eBooks because I make more money, as well as through Amazon and Kindle.

Why not have your own Amazon carousel created that feature only your eBooks on your affiliate website?

Make sure your¬†eBooks are well-written and error-free and you won’t have to worry about refunds.

Remember, when someone reads an eBook published under your name, you are the Writer, Publisher and Representative of the product, because quality matters in the long run.

4.  Make Money With Affiliate Website Commissions

Having a website with an affiliate store and at least one blog is crucial to making money online.

Therefore, if you don’t have a professional (non WordPress) affiliate website yet, then you need to click on Income Activator¬†and get one soon.

Having a website gives you a solid place to place Amazon and ClickBank affiliate links and hopefully make sales.

After making your first few sales online, you will get up every morning to see how many sales your affiliate website has made for you!

I remember back in the day selling on eBay and every time I made a sale a bell rang in my computer, wow!

I always sold antiques and collectibles (expensive things) so my sales were generous.

There are 1,000’s of manufacturers in all industries who have products or services available for you to promote for online sales.

Commissions vary between affiliate companies.

ClickBank information and downloadable software products have commission rates that average between 50% and 75%, where products or services usually bring in commission rates between 5% and 10%.

With a website that functions similar to, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing or where you are, as the clock ticks, the money keeps rolling in at any time.

You may be working a full-time job right now, but if you keep posting to your blog, eventually you just may quit that job because you’re working from home like me, making money online.

Affiliate Websites Business Income Source

Amazon AssociatesAmazon Affiliate Partner:  The best way to establish a respected business on the Internet is through the use of the Amazon Associates program.

This program allows you to monetize your website with thousands of products over hundreds of pages.

Your customers will have easy access to detailed reviews and descriptions of every product as well as the comfort of checking out through the Amazon  website.

As a business owner, you will have no inventory to stock, buy or keep.

Instead, your customers will checkout directly with

The company will then handle the sale, shipping, delivery and customer service for the order.

The Amazon Associates Program is very simple to use.

You (the associate) will offer the Amazon products that you love on your website.

Each product is created with the Amazon Associate ID that is assigned to you.

When a person makes a purchase, Amazon tracks the sale.

You will earn between 4% and 8.5% on all of your purchases.

This money can then be direct deposited into your bank account, you can request a check or you can redeem your earnings in the form of an Amazon gift card.

Google AdsenseGoogle AdSense Partner:  Adsense allows you to make money with practically no work.

After  you are accepted into the AdSense program, Google will generate advertisements on your page that relate to your content.

You will earn a small  percentage every time a person clicks on an advertisement.

Google AdSense advertisements will be located all over your website.

This allows you to generate income just by people visiting your website.

In fact, there are people who make over 5 figures EACH MONTH just from AdSense revenue.

5.  How To Monetize Your Affiliate Website With Advertising?

Advertising Space:  Selling advertising space on your affiliate website to manufacturers that make the products you are promoting can be a great way to generate revenue.

Finally, you can be sure that money is being made with affiliate websites, but you need to be careful about the quality of your blog content, in terms of solving a problem for the user.

As Internet marketers, we are constantly in a learning curve to help visitors find our website and pick up what we’re putting down.

To help you take full control of search ranking on your new affiliate websites, I am willing to expose one of my top secret SEO tools:

SEOPressor Connect is what the big affiliate income earners are using on their WordPress affiliate websites. SEO is not easy, but I promise you, SEOPressor Connect is the solution. Click Here!

There you have it — five tips to help you eliminate your fear to discover that affiliate websites do make money day or night.

About:¬†¬†I’m the author in residence of bringing you the best of my knowledge, skills, abilities, tips and resources. Unfortunately, I am also a person with disabilities. I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. I love to share what I know and practice to help others survive and thrive in rural areas.

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