Affiliate Marketing Strategies: 3 Proven Ways To Make Money Online

Affiliate Marketing Strategies
Affiliate Marketing Strategies: 3 Proven Ways To Make Money Online

You Don’t Necessarily Need A Website To Do Affiliate Marketing!

You can use the free affiliate marketing strategies in this post to get started making more money per affiliate sale.

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Without goals, you are planning to fail.

So, goal number one is to get traffic to the offer by using an affiliate website with Google Adwords, articles, banners, etc., which is without doubt the quickest way to generate traffic.

You don’t necessarily need a website to do affiliate marketing.

You can practice the art of direct linking, which is a covert tactic where you act as a middle person between an affiliate product, and an advertiser using marketing articles, forums, banner ads, which equals traffic source.

In addition, turn your signature link into your affiliate link for your product.

For example, when people click the alt text link, you can send them directly to your affiliate website or page.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, you must focus on ONE market (type of product) and mastering ONE traffic source.

Your main income can come from contextual marketing (primarily AdSense and affiliate products).

The three proven affiliate marketing strategies are to:

  1. Research a niche or product.
  2. Create a small “micro niche” website.
  3. Market the site so you can start getting traffic from the search engines.

That’s it!

Affiliate Marketing Monetization

I really like the $5 a day methodology.

The idea behind the $5 a day methodology is to spend a week to create a SOLO BUILD IT! website that generates $5 a day everyday.

If you take this approach, your week of effort will generate you $35 with affiliate marketing, and will continue to generate income for months following.

If you do this for 52 weeks, you will generate approximately $1,560 in a year’s time.

That’s just a very conservative amount to inspire you to get started.

Realistically, you will earn a heck of a lot more with the SOLO BUILD IT! system.