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12 Serious Savings Strategies For Rural Homesteads

Savings Strategies

Instead Of Debt Choose Savings Strategies If you are serious about developing savings strategies and having a healthy emergency money fund, you might want to curb the consumer in you. This means, instead of spending, start saving. Of course, the number one, best way of saving remains to have a portion of your weekly paycheck automatically deposited into your savings account. If you like the idea of deciding, week-by-week, how much savings you will deposit, take heart and adapt my serious tips. It’s all good if the end result is more savings.   12 Serious Savings Strategies Hold that “mother” of all garage sales, once and for all! Do your homework and literally do a house inventory. Journey back, all the way back, into the furthest reach of every closet and decide that, if you have not used it for more than six months, it will have to go. Most…

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Community Homes Can Help Make Rural America Great Again

Community Homes

Make Money Helping Others With Community Homes Starting your own community homes business can help you become the one who makes a difference in rural America. Then, you can proudly say that you brought a positive change into thousands and thousands of people’s lives. You can come to a point where money isn’t a problem. Others can learn how to do the same in their rural communities. Today, I read a sad story in the Washington Post entitled Disabled or just desperate: Rural Americans turn to disability as jobs dry up. The article is a sad portrayal of disabled people who live in poverty and don’t have access to jobs or decent, safe, affordable housing. Therefore, the article doesn’t offer solutions. America could do more!!! With rural jobs and farming in a slump, disabled and poor people at large can barely survive. Creation Of Rural Jobs Don’t Stand A Chance Reportedly,…

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