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Small Space Edible Gardening: Easy Ways To Grow Extra Food

Small Space Edible Gardening

Create A Front Yard Farmer’s Market Here are the easiest, cheapest, and quickest ways to grow hundreds of dollars of veggies and fruits with small space edible gardening. These ideas will bring life and interest to your existing flowerbed and garden. Small scale growing of greens, beans, tomatoes, etc. is a possibility. I wonder about the economics of it in terms of labor and time, but growing your own fruit and veggies is so cheap! Sure, you can go to the market and buy a ton of produce, but would you know how it was grown? I am talking about “organic” and home grown fruit and veggies. All you will need is a hand spade and fork, peat moss (for water retention), a bag of sand, seeds, plants, and a watering can. Add seedlings or sow seeds between patio stone crevices and plant beans against a wall to run on…

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