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Interesting Facts About Rural Money

About Rural Money

All Of Your Questions Answered On The Subject Of Rural Money Rural Money wants to lay your doubts about is it possible to make money in rural areas today to rest, because the answer is an emphatic yes! Welcome to Rural Money! My name is Tonza and I love everything about earning, saving, investing, building net worth, and homestead survival life. I am all for sharing and teaching; so I would love to help you do all of this WHILE living frugally! I also started this blog as a hobby to make extra money in 2015. I am now on track to earning a full-time income; so in 2019 I decided to “retire officially.” Now, I want to¬† help you start a rural or urban homestead blog to live life with a purpose! That was the short version. Living in the rural world has never been easy; and making a…

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