5G Battery Technology Is The New Infrastructure Boom

5G Battery Technology
5G Battery Technology Is The New Infrastructure Boom

Here’s How To Profit Before Everyone Gets In!

The wireless technology encompasses all devices and equipment to transmit data over the air thus fueling the 5G battery technology boom.

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However, you may not know that on June 29, 1956, President Eisenhower signed what had been the biggest infrastructure bill at that time.

There were no photographers to record the day.

No ceremony to honor it.

That’s because the president signed the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 from his hospital bed at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center… where he had undergone surgery.

The act created thousands of construction jobs and stimulated new businesses along the interstate system.

Some of the biggest winners from the interstate boom were automakers, oil producers, and steel companies.

Today, the U.S. interstate system connects the largest economy in the world… and moves 16 billion tons of freight—worth $15 trillion.

5G Battery Technology Has Super Power

Here’s why I’m telling you this story…

Tomorrow, a federal agency will hold an unceremonious vote that could unleash the largest 5G battery infrastructure boom of our time—nearly a half-trillion in spending.

If this order passes, it will add $500 billion to annual GDP, create up to three million new jobs, and cement America’s leadership in an emerging technology.

I’d wager 99% of Americans don’t even know this vote is going down.

And you won’t hear much about it in the mainstream press, either.

But 5G battery technology could be one of the biggest money-making opportunities we’ve seen in decades.

In today’s post, I’ll tell you what this vote is all about… and how you can position your portfolio to benefit from it before the rest of the public catches on.

The New 5G Battery Technology Infrastructure Boom

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) held its Open Commission Meeting.

On the docket was the Wireless Infrastructure Order, which will clarify sections of the Communications Act.

More on the details in a moment.

For now, just know this…

Like Eisenhower’s interstate highway act made it easier to build highways from coast to coast… this order will make it easier to build the next generation of wireless technology—and create a host of new profitable companies.

It’s called 5G battery technology.

Let me back up and explain how we got to 5G…

You see, wireless technology encompasses all devices and equipment that allows you to transmit data over air rather than wires.

The first generation of wireless technology began in the early 1990s with old cell phone handsets.

We moved to 2G technology in the early 2000s with the advent of text messaging.

And we advanced to 3G with the rise of Internet browsing on Smartphones.

If you own a Smartphone today, then you’re probably already familiar with 4G technology.

It allows for high-speed data downloads and high-quality streaming (like HD movies).

But with the world moving to the Internet of Things (in which nearly every device you can imagine connects to the internet, including cars, home appliances, and electronic devices), 4G technology is reaching its capacity.

That’s where 5G battery technology comes in.

It’s 1,000 times faster than 4G.

For example, an HD movie that takes an hour to download with 4G technology will download in seconds with 5G technology.

Here’s the thing…

5G data transmissions run on a different radio spectrum than 4G.

So we need an entirely new network infrastructure to transmit data across 5G wireless technology.

That means new cell towers, new routers, and new fiber optics lines…

But there’s been a major roadblock to this buildout: Local regulations.

That’s where tomorrow’s vote comes in…

Clearing The Red Tape

According to the FCC, local regulations cause significant delays for cell tower buildouts.

In fact, about 30% of the cost of deploying each tower comes from municipal reviews.

If passed, the new order will streamline this process.

FCC member Brendan Carr predicts it will save at least $2 billion in the rollout process.

Normally I’m skeptical when the feds involve themselves in local issues.

It usually means more red tape and bureaucracy to muddle through.

But this time, it looks like the FCC will make it easier—and cheaper—for companies to lay the foundation for 5G technology.

Among other things, the FCC order would:

  • Limit fees localities can collect when approving small 5G cell towers
  • Ban local regulations designed to prohibit wireless infrastructure deployment
  • Require municipalities to approve or deny 5G battery technology applications within 60–90 days

These new rules will speed up the 5G process.

And that’s good news for investors.

How To Invest In This Trend

If you’re looking to get in on this huge new trend, consider some of the sectors and companies that made big profits from the last generation (4G) buildout.

One example is cell phone tower companies, such as American Tower (AMT), which ran up nearly 160% during the 4G boom.

But AMT is a $65 billion company now.

It will continue to make steady, consistent gains… but not the quick, high-double-digit returns that some smaller companies will see from the 5G rollout.

If you want to make life-changing gains from the 5G trend, I suggest you follow Jeff Brown, editor of Exponential Tech Investor.

Jeff is one of the best tech analysts around—and when he talks, it pays to listen.

In his Exponential Tech portfolio, he has 17 open positions—and the average stock is up 81%.

Jeff believes 5G battery technology will be the biggest U.S. infrastructure buildout since the national highway program…

And he has a blueprint for making a fortune from these small tech stocks.

In this one-time event, Jeff will also share the names of four companies on his watchlist—free, just for attending.

~Curated from my good financial investment friend Nick Rokke/The Palm Beach Daily because I approve this news.

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