3 Top Ways To Make Money As A Beekeeper

Ways To Make Money As A Beekeeper
3 Top Ways To Make Money As A Beekeeper

Many Crops Depend On Bees To Pollinate

To become a beekeeper you need a half to one acre of land, which is enough for 60 bee hives to help you make money as a beekeeper.

The bee hives can be made from old crates with a removable top and a small entrance near the bottom.

There is not very much work involved, the investment is small, and you can make money three ways.

Royal Jelly

This comes from the queen bee.

Some people think it will help to keep them looking and feeling young.

Vitamin manufacturers and cosmetic firms pay well for it.

Rent The Hives

Many crops depend on flying insects to pollinate.

Due to increased air pollution, there are areas with too few bees to do the job naturally and artificial pollination is very expensive.

All you need is a truck to carry your 60 hives to an orchard where a fruit grower has agreed to pay you for the use of your bees.

Pay might be $10 to $15 per hive.

This way your bees are fed for nothing while you charge for their service.

After a week or so, you move your hives to another orchard for another fee.


Many health food stores will pay for natural honey from the hive.

There are some problems with beekeeping, which you will get stung from time to time.

There is also a notion that bee stings can prevent arthritis.

So maybe even that is not a negative.

The U.S. Government has several publications on keeping bees.

Write to Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.D. 20402, and ask for a list of publications on this subject.

Image By Daria-Yakoleva