Should America Approve A $2000 Stimulus

$2000 Stimulus
Should America Approve A $2000 Stimulus

If You Don’t Agree, You Are Rich And/Or Don’t Care About The Working Poor!

Recently, the congressional approval for $2000 stimulus checks (CASH Act) was blocked from reaching the floor by Mitch McConnell.

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McConnell wants to tie it with other burning subjects, such as the Section 230 repeal and an election fraud commission.

America’s [working] poor need help with earning $2000, not just with receiving aid.

The government should condition receipt of this sum by showing the willingness to learn a new skill or complete certain tasks.

America’s small businesses that were forced to close should not automatically receive $2,000 (some of them deserve much more) if we’re going to treat this disease as an event that is “not our fault.”

This is NOT how problems are solved; this is how problems are bandaged in the near-term and cause bigger ones in the future.

Each and every crisis is the birthplace of a much bigger one a few years down the road.


Excerpt Snatched From SHTF Plan Staff – Enhanced by Rural Money

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