How To Make A Lot Of Money With A 10 Dollar Investment

10 Dollar Investment
How To Make A Lot Of Money With A 10 Dollar Investment

People Will Cast-Off A Lot Of Good Stuff For You To Make Money In The New Economy!

Do you know how to make a lot of money with a 10 dollar investment, using cast-off, useless items that can be converted into a business?

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And, in case you don’t have any skills, this business doesn’t require any.

Throughout this nation, there is still literally millions of tons of discarded and cast-off items that can allow you to make money anytime you want to, without any special skills.

If you do it the right way.

Your 10 Dollar Investment Or Less

This article is about making money from discarded and cast-off items.

So, why pay for something to sell that you can get for FREE?

Starting out, the best place to start is your own home.

If you take a look in your own closets, basement, garage, attic, back porch, barn, shed, or other place where you might store cast-off items, you’ll find a bunch of stuff you no longer use.

Items that someone else would pay money to have and use.

Rich people are always looking for something of value that they don’t already have or collect!

After you have seen the assortment of usable junk you have collected, multiply that amount of stuff by the thousands of homes in your area that will soon being the same thing.

Every home has too much stuff.

Only they won’t be selling it.

These are items that you once used but, for some reason, don’t use now.

Maybe you bought a new and better one, or the old one got worn, and you figured you’d repair it later but, you never did.

Once you come to the full realization of how many millions of tons of discarded and cast-off items there are available, you have the golden key that will allow you to make a lot of money with a 10 dollar investment, anytime you need it.

The merchandise is there.

All you have to do is get it and sell it.

For another small investment, you can make a boat load of money with a professional looking website working for you 24/7, promoting and advertising your “clean out service” to shuttered businesses that are forced to go out of business due to the lockdown.

I have a website builder resource that will put your service online and help you make even more money, while you work another job and sleep.

Because, websites are supposed to make money!

Click the link to get your website.

How To Get The Household Goods?

If you were to go around asking people if they hand any “junk” you could have, they would ask you, “How much are you pay?”, or “What are you going to do with it?”

Instead of asking for other people’s junk, provide them with a service that allows you to get the junk FREE.

I know this is not a new idea but when times are good, most people think they are too good to do it, so they don’t.

Nevertheless, you can offer to help all of those unfortunate people and businesses that will have to file for bankruptcy.

Initially, without selling anything with an investment of $10 or less, you can create a flyer to offer your help to remove any unwanted household items, clothes, toys, shoes, kitchen stuff, etc.

You only need a few customers to get started and make $500 to $1000 by sorting, pricing and flipping the junk.

Five to ten houses will produce all the merchandise you need to make at least $5000.

You can do your clean out service in the evenings and on weekends.

This business won’t interfere with your work days.

And, it allows the homeowner to be there to tell you what goes and what stays.

Once you have your flyers printed, start going from house to house in the evening in the the local area where you will be working.

It is best if you choose an area where a lot of people are already moving out.

The neighbors might be more responsive because their job keep them from doing the “clean out” work you want.

When you call on the homes in the area you have chosen, simply knock on the door or ring the door-bell.

Give one of your flyers to the man or woman who answers the door.

Don’t give it to a child or teenager.

Ask to see the mother or father.

Be ready to answer questions.

If they ask you about your clean out service, tell them what you do, and how you do it.

Here’s the sales pitch:

If you are like most people, you have accumulated a lot of junk over the years.

After a while, it takes up more and more of your usable space; space you could be using, if the junk wasn’t there.

But, after you work all day, you don’t feel like cleaning it out.

And, even if you did, you’d have to find someone to come and haul it away.

All you have to do is call me.

I’ll come by one evening, or on a weekend.

You show me what areas need to be cleaned out, what goes, and what stays.

I’ll clean it out, rearrange the furniture and things neatly, and haul away all of the junk you want to get rid of.

It shouldn’t take me more than 3 or 4 hours depending on how much stuff you have.

And, you’ll have all of that extra space.”

It might might be a good idea to memorize the above and have it ready when the people ask about your service.

I might add, this business can be operated anywhere around the world!

Although you advertise yourself as a “Senior Helper”, ” “Housewife Helper”, “Moving Helper”, “Downsizing Helper”, Going Out Of Business Helper”, etc., it might be the husband who asks you to help “clean out” the basement, garage, or where ever because if he doesn’t get you to do it, his wife will have him do it.

And, you will do it for $20!

Your flyer starts his wife thinking about all that junk in the basement, out in the garage, or where ever, it’s a $20 service, and they have to move immediately.

Why Charge $20?

Because, if you were to offer to do the service for nothing, the people would suspect your motives.

Also, you would be obligated to tell them that you intend to sell their junk.

Since a “clean out” job should only take 3 or 4 hours, $20 represents $5 to $6 per hour, which is a fair wage for someone who is now unemployed.

Beyond that, there will be some “clean out” jobs where you won’t get very much junk to haul away.

The people will just have you rearrange their junk and leave so the $20 pays for your time.

That’s a pretty good 10 dollar investment, or, you might just haul away a load of pumpkins.

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