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Medicare Plus Card

Medicare Plus Card For Seniors 65 Plus: Get Your FREE Card

Medicare Plus Card Can Save You Money

Have you received your FREE Medicare Plus Card to start saving up to 75% off on healthcare services NOT covered by Medicare?

If not, you can simply get a non-government resource that will give you discounts and savings for seniors 65 plus.

Get Your Free Medicare Plus Card Here!

In basic terms, a Free Medicare Plus Card can save you money because it does a number of things, which will help you maintain your health.

There are different options depending on what your biggest needs are, but here is a list of the following that can help you save money:

  • PrescriptionsSave Up To 65%

Save on brand name and generic drugs with their pre-negotiated discounts.

One card covers all family members living at the same address.

  • Dental CareSave Up To 50%

Convenient access to over 80,000 credentialed dentists nationwide.

Unlimited visits to the member’s chosen provider.

  • Vision CareSave Up To 50%

Savings on Vision Correction such as Lasik and PRK.

Savings on Eye Exams where approved.

Save on Contact Lenses.

  • Hearing CareSave Up To 15%

Personalized hearing health assessment lifestyle consultations.

Visual ear examinations using a video otoscope.

Register For Your Free Card Now!

The only discount card made for those on Medicare.

Plus, get a free list of Medicare quotes from all major insurance carriers.

Simply answer a few questions to make sure you can qualify for a card.

It is accepted at all major retailers such as Costco Wholesale, Kroger, Walmart, CVS, Publix, Safeway, Albertsons, Kmart, RiteAid….

How Medicare Plus Card Works

Sign up in a matter of seconds with their simple 3 step registration process.

Step 1. Register – (It’s FREE!)

Step 2. Receive Your Card

You instantly get a downloadable card after signing up that you can use until your free card comes in the mail.

Step 3. Start Saving

Instantly get up to 75% off of healthcare services not covered by Medicare. No waiting period – can start saving same day as signup.

Facts About Medicare Plus Card

Fact One – There are over 1 million people that have already received their Free Medicare Plus Card.

Fact Two – The Medicare Plus Card can be used by anyone who is on Medicare, regardless id they have existing insurance or not.

Those with an existing Medicare insurance plan can still save on drugs and services using their Medicare Plus Card.

Fact Three – The Medicare Plus Card also offers members savings on everyday items and expenses, like travel, restaurants, retail stores, and groceries.

Get Your Free Medicare Plus Card

Start saving on healthcare items and services not covered by Medicare.

Get Your Free Medicare Plus Card Here!

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