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The Longest Journey To Marry For Rural Money Has A First Step.

Why shouldn’t you marry for rural money, it’s your business. You may ask, how do I marry a very wealthy man?

Why shouldn’t you marry for rural money, it’s your business.

You may ask, how do I marry a very wealthy man?

Well, first, you have to become as beautiful as YOU CAN BE.

And, while you’re doing that, keep praying to yourself: God forgive me for improving on your creation, but the world has it predilections and I aim to serve you and you only; so tell me what things need fixing!

If something is off like your nose is bulbous, thick, get it fixed (if you can afford it), to make it slim.

If it’s bumpy, have a doctor shave a half inch from the bone in the areas you hate… or if your chin is so long that it seems to belong to the wicked witch of the east (or too far back), you decide…

I plan to marry for rural money so I will use myself as an example.

I have a lazy eye sometimes that I need to see about getting fixed, but I can live with it.

The rich man I marry will have to accept my lazy eye, warts and all. 🙂

Otherwise, I am black, full-figured, beautiful, tall and have a lazy eye, sometimes!

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t consider myself a fixer upper, but some women need more work than others.

As mature women, we don’t need to try to be a Barbie doll!

If your teeth are yellow, bleach them and quit drinking coffee and tea or the stains will come back.

If your teeth are crooked, see an orthodontist.

If your hair is frizzy, you have to fix it.

If you have a negative facial feature like acne, see a dermatologist.

The bottom line is: There are doctors to fix stuff and you shouldn’t have anything against nip and tuck doctors (it’s your business)!

Ivana Trump was a dog until she fixed herself up.

Just leave all the things that are unique and beautiful, and fix what you can.

If he wants you, he will accept your warts and all, too.

Next, show off your attributes, which means decide what is great.

What do you have that is top notch?

Bust? Booty? Legs? Hips?

If its bust, then wear cotton jersey shirts or clingy tees.

Use style and fashion (or the best you have) consistently every time you’re in public.

Show what’s good.

That is what will give you the “good eyeball statistics.”

Wear grunge ten times when you go out and you won’t get any statistics.

Wear cling ten times when you go out, and 20 men will want dates.

Pick the ones that are hot!

Combine statistical edge with location edge and you will get an incrementally higher statistic.

Picture this: You eat at McDonald’s ten times, you meet ten jerks, date ten, fall in love with one, waste years!

Eat ten times at the local farmhouse restaurant where ten high-income men hang out.

These are guys whom you will not waist time with just dating, so date all ten and let them fight among themselves who marries you.

So, where do we eat?

The farmhouse restaurant near the farmer’s financial district, midday, ALONE!

So what if a salad is $8 at the farmhouse restaurant, it’s worth it!

You go out ten times and its $80, but there’s at least a million dollar PAY OFF there and elsewhere.

So what if those ten $8 meals don’t pay off?

Well, a salad is good for you, which is truly a “value meal.”

Another way that location gives you the edge (not just for meeting him) is enhancing your personal appearance to suit the location.

I think a tight t-shirt and jeans is about as sexy as it gets, but no loose t-shirt.

You want a t-shirt showing off your bust, a bias skirt, which clings showing off your small waist or shape of your hips, short skirt showing no thigh, but just above the knee.

Think statistics, think location of farmhouse restaurant in the farmers financial district or country club.

And, think location in terms of your appearance that gives a higher statistic.

SHOW SOMETHING that you have that is great.

That is what gives you a better statistic of men falling for you on sight.

Men fall in love with their eyes.

The Japanese consider showing the back of the neck to be hot, which is their favorite “location.”

The Asian ladies have white skin there, so the kimono reveals their cleavage and nape of the neck and men fall in love.

Here in the United States, there are many different strokes for different men to fall in love.

Next, show calves, legs and skirts are better than slacks.

Though for play, the well cut blue jean is excellent and it shows the hip to waist ratio and exact shape of your entire sex machine: hips, pelvis, thighs…

Well cut jeans are good, but the places women wear those jeans are not good, such as public parks, malls…

There are no millionaire farmers at either place!

Ergo, your tight t-shirt and jeans are useless!

We are not after the guys hanging out in public parks!

So, can the blue jeans for awhile.

The idea is to hang out in the places where the super rich go.


To them it’s not amusing to hang out at dollar stores or McDonald’s.

They find our world grim and horrific.

They are off with their own kind at farm estate sales and auctions, county fairs, farmer’s markets, barn sales, country clubs…

They have what are called “enclaves,” private clubs and dining rooms that only members can bring a guest.

Therefore, you want to meet members of farmer’s associations…

They are definitely at farm auctions looking at used tractors and supplies.

Or, at solar resorts near the big city at the most posh hotel, not wearing overalls.

Luckily, a rural gal can crash a big posh $400 a night hotel room.

You can go any time during the day with swimsuit in your purse, go to the ladies room near the pool, not in the dining area, and swim/sun all day.

Mr. rich man, at some point, will notice you and

strike up a conversation: “Are you staying here?” You say, “I couldn’t afford the room.” Who knows, he may treat you to one, but tell him it’s not necessary.


Always FEEL PROSPEROUS with what you have and are.

That is a good turn to take when hanging out with very rich men.

They find it refreshing.

They would not be happy in your shoes, but that you ARE is truly heartening to them.

They Got Married In A Heat Wave Hotter Than A Pepper Sprout!

The wealthiest man I know married a country gal with the cutest accent who cleaned motel rooms.

During their entire courtship, she was cleaning motel rooms.

He adored it, found her Presbyterian work ethic poignant and noble.

I think a daycare or personal care nurse would work just as well if not better for a cute, touching job.

Do you know that once this gal snagged him, she began charging fur coats of every kind at Saks, regularly.

He cut up the credit cards, but she got new ones.

She charged fur coats, clothing, suits and Louis Vuitton luggage at other stores.

Why? Because she could do it LEGALLY.

In a joint property state, a wife gets half of her husband’s discretionary income.

When he’d frown, pout and complain, she’d wheedle and if that didn’t work, she’d put him down.

This tigress also charged all her favorite girlfriends’ luxury stuff from party food to clothing…

Why? Because she could.

Their supermarket bills were outrageous.

He divorced her and married an ex-waitress from a deli!

He met her waiting on tables.

Yep. Left her all his millions, too.

LEARN from reality!

Last, decorate your mind with information gems.

Try Amazon Prime and always read the Book Section for the greatest titles, and study the art of conversation.

Resources: I support the idea of smart women marrying for money, but instead of making a hot financial mess like the first gal, I recommend:

Flirting With Intent: To Win And Hold A Good Man In A Declining Market By Jae Morgan –

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