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Make Money Helping Others With Community Homes

Starting your own community homes business can help you become the one who makes a difference in rural America.

Then, you can proudly say that you brought a positive change into thousands and thousands of people’s lives.

You can come to a point where money isn’t a problem.

Others can learn how to do the same in their rural communities.

Today, I read a sad story in the Washington Post entitled Disabled or just desperate: Rural Americans turn to disability as jobs dry up.

The article is a sad portrayal of disabled people who live in poverty and don’t have access to jobs or decent, safe, affordable housing.

Therefore, the article doesn’t offer solutions.

America could do more!!!

With rural jobs and farming in a slump, disabled and poor people at large can barely survive.

Creation Of Rural Jobs Don’t Stand A Chance

Reportedly, Trump’s budget is not friendly to rural America and former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, Secretary of the Department of Agriculture has a lot on his plate—before he can get down to creating rural jobs.

Up first on Perdue’s to-do list:

  1. Smoothing a dairy trade flare-up with Canada.
  2. And, that’s just a hint of the diplomacy Perdue will need as the administration rewrites old deals such as the North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, and forges new ones with individual countries.
  3. The administration says it plan to work on bilateral deals, particularly in Asia and beginning with Japan.
  4. Since exports are a major source of U.S. farm income, producers are looking to Perdue to advocate for their needs in trade talks.
  5. Perdue will also need to start fighting for his own department’s budget, which would lose over 20 percent of its discretionary spending, according to an initial budget outline released by the Trump White House.
  6. Further, hearings have already begun for the next farm Bill, due in 2018 responsible for farm subsidy programs, food stamps and school meals, rural infrastructure, housing subsidy, and much more.

Rural voters contributed mightily to Republican victories last fall.

However, for three months the department charged with overseeing farm programs and rural development … which has about 90,000 employees and an annual budget of more than $150 billion, had to WAIT for a new leader. Curated from Harvest Public Media

Where do you think rural America’s pressing concerns are on Perdue’s to-do list?

If Rural America Want A Chance, Take It With Community Homes

Community homes is not an off chance, but a simple and proven business opportunity.

Why, because it can give some poor and disabled rural Americans the freedom and control to make huge differences.

Moreover, with the proper training (from home), a community homes business can make money by making a difference in people’s lives quicker than Trump’s promises to take care of rural voters.

How is that possible?

In point of fact, ten years ago Andy Rothschild started his community homes business.

He invested a small amount of money and immediately made a difference in six people’s lives.

They were seniors that couldn’t live by themselves or afford a caregiver.

At his community homes, they got proper care, three meals a day, and companions.

All while paying a rent that they can afford.

At this moment, Andy is helping more than 700 people in need.

He accommodates alcohol addicts who have a roof over their head because of the affordable rent that he is charging.

He is part of so many successful stories.

Some of his former tenants didn’t end up on the streets thanks to his business.

Now they have their own successful community homes businesses.

If he had kept his 9-5, all he could do is hope that the government would solve the problem—eventually.

Starting his own community homes business helped him become the “one” who makes a difference.

Andy can proudly say that he brought a positive change into thousands and thousands of people’s lives.

Don’t you wish to have an impact in rural America?

Don’t you wish to help children that desperately need a caring place to stay?

Or, give a second chance to somebody who is looking for a way to start a new life?

What could be possibly better than making money while helping others?

In order to inspire more people to make a difference, Andy has decided to make it more affordable than ever!

His Gold Course (NOT an affiliate link) is a shortcut to all the information needed to open and successfully run your first community home.

Are you ready to make money while making rural America a better place one-community-home-at-a-time?

Author’s Info:  Tonza Borden is a 20-year finance and digital marketing expert with a passion for coaching and training. She is also an advocate for people with disabilities and the working poor. Visit her website at for exclusive community resources and strategies for your financial future. Google+


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