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Clothing Exchange

Clothing Exchange: Moms In Rural Areas Home Business Idea Part I

Collect, Exchange, Recycle, Consign Discarded Clothes

This is a home business idea for moms in rural areas that don’t require money or experience to start a discarded clothing exchange.

Ladies, this is a “rag business” that you can be proud of and its simple, easy and free!

You can start this business as a result of contacting well-dressed seniors, etc. to ask for their discarded clothing to sale.

Give them a compelling reason like you have X number of children to support, can’t find a job, but using this as a way to support your family (you get the idea).

It doesn’t have to be seniors.

Many women have clothes they discard for no other reason than they are tired of them.

In that case, many other women would like to be able to exchange their clothing or allow you to sell them, which you can make 100 percent profit.

So, get busy and get in touch with friends who fall in with your plan to collect, exchange and re-sale discarded clothes.

In addition to eBay, there are several ritzy clothes consignment websites that are always looking for brand names and purses.

Make certain the clothes are in perfect condition.

The clothes you accept must be in A-1 condition for re-sale.

How To Mark Up Exchange Clothing

If you have to bargain for name brand clothes from original owners, then tell them you are adding a 25 percent markup plus cost of cleaning, pressing and minor repairs.

These expenses comprise the sale price for the best garments—as good as new.

Your home business clothes exchange “store” can be set up in one room of your house.

Sellable garments, etc. can be attractively arranged on racks or hung on the wall.

How To Advertise Your Clothing Exchange Home Biz

Make a list of all of the free newspapers and places to start promoting your clothing exchange to recycle and re-sale ladies dresses, hats, purses.

Sample ad could read:   Recycle, Exchange, Consign Ladies Dresses. Must be in A-1 condition. 222-222-2222.

A small ad like this could bring enough business and make you successful.

When women come to your home store to exchange their old garments, they will be surprised to find clothes in perfect condition.

Then, they will immediately want to exchange for their dresses.

The only drawback with exchanging opposed to consigning or re-selling is some of the garments may come back worse for wear.

So, keep that in mind when you make your decision to start a clothing exchange.

It may be better to call your business “clothing recycle” to avoid having to deal with the explanations of soiled garments and hurt feelings.

It’s a business and not a charity!

If it were me, I would collect recycled clothing for free and re-sale them and consign the ones women want you to help them re-sale.

That way, clothes are getting a permanent second chance, and you don’t have to keep trying to exchange them.

You won’t get bored, but instead always be on the hunt for more and better garments.

If you are not certain about how to consign, then I offer my book Estate Sale Contracts Kit that has an amazing consignment contract that can be easily modified.

Consigning is easy, but when other people’s good are involved, the details need to be clear.

Remember, it’s a home business so treat it like one—without running your customers off.

How Much To Pay For Exchange Clothing Consignments

When a customer decides to consign a garment, pay them $3 to $10.

Of course, they will all want $10; so let them know it is for exchange clothing (consignments) in perfect condition.

If you have to spend money on cleaning, pressing, mending, etc., that eats your profit.

Another note about local advertising is you may not need to advertise extensively for this home business, hence your telephone number.

When you receive calls, explain your novel service.

Also, go where fine dressed ladies hang out and promote your service.

Remember to always ask for donations of discarded clothing.

If you are an expert with a needle and thread then, you can make minor repairs and still have a quality garment for re-sale.

Some women are always looking for a snazzy cocktail dress, but can’t afford to buy one brand new.

Pretty soon, your home “dress shop” will grow.

Satisfied customers will tell each other about it until you have to get scouts to locate more and more exchange clothing.

As you can see, this home business can be started with no money.

If you want to do this as a collective of women, then pool your old clothing at the beginning.

Each partner will get paid after the first customers come in to exchange or buy dresses.

Ladies hats and men’s clothing can be worked into this business model.

Also, costume jewelry can be applied to your clothing exchange.

Your store and its clothes, hats, costume jewelry, etc., however, should be kept on the highest level of quality possible.

Clothes that should be discarded because of wear and tear will not enhance the appearance of your clothing exchange business.

Stay tuned for part two of this valuable post, which will give you more fantastic ideas to take this first home business or side hustle to the next level.

Tonza Borden Publisher Rural Money

Tonza Borden Publisher Rural Money

Tonza Borden
Confused about promoting your home based business? I will help! Get your product or service to buyers who want what you are selling! Save time and money too! No promotion, no sales! Free training is waiting for you at Where’s My Money. Click here to learn more.

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