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Amazon CreateSpace Royalties

Amazon CreateSpace Royalties: I Love Getting Royalty Sales Reports

Who Else Wants Amazon CreateSpace Royalties

If you are thinking about publishing a book and wondering what the heck is Amazon CreateSpace royalties, then you are in the right place.

The way I find so many money-making resources is to look everywhere and explore everything—at least what’s interesting to me.

So, when I found out about Amazon CreateSpace royalties for self-publishers, I knew it had to be a good thing.

The mere fact that it is associated with Amazon and is basically free makes it the best publishing resource for making extra cash.

After glossing over several other self-publishing websites that charge a hefty chunk of creator fees, it is a no-brainer.

If I Can Make Amazon CreateSpace Royalties, Then You Can Too

My writings would never win a Pulitzer Prize.

And, honestly, as a former Journalist, I am suppose to follow the “writer’s guide,” but I’m a lazy writer.

I just want to string sentences together to thoroughly explain my subject.

When I “feel” that I have done that satisfactorily, my work is done—I lay down my pen.

My writing objective is to give clear and concise information with a drizzle of my personality.

Nothing so deep that it makes readers zone out and stop reading.

Many years ago, I would read every word, two or three times.

Nowadays, people don’t have the time to read thousand word blog posts and three hundred word books.

Therefore, I try to write posts and particularly books for Amazon CreateSpace Royalties that are easy to read and understand.

And, basically that’s all there is to writing a helpful resource.

It doesn’t matter how easy you try to write material, some people will find it too difficult or non-substantial.

Nevertheless, I write a pre-determined number of pages the way I speak.

Writing in your natural speaking voice is the best way for anyone to write—without spelling errors, of course.

After it’s all said and done and your little book is selling, it’s great to start getting weekly Amazon CreateSpace Sales Reports.

I won’t delve into the technical process of setting up an account and uploading your material, but, if you’re curious, I will tell you what Amazon CreateSpace is about.

About Amazon CreateSpace

Amazon CreateSpace has always been a very low-key publishing resource hence the name.

It has never included Amazon as part of its name, which makes knowing about it extra special.

For me, it was like finding a diamond in the rough, and since I self-published my first book in 2008, the royalties have not stopped.

Through CreateSpace services, you can sell books, CDs, and DVDs for a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing, while maintaining more control over your materials.

They make it simple to distribute your books, music, and video through Internet retail outlets, your own website, and other bookstores, retailers, libraries, and academic institutions.

CreateSpace is a DBA of On-Demand Publishing LLC, part of the Amazon group of companies.

CreateSpace History

It was originally founded as CustomFlix Labs, Inc. and BookSurge Inc.

CustomFlix launched in 2002 when four colleagues decided to make widespread distribution easier for independent filmmakers—they started CustomFlix, a DVD on-Demand company.

BookSurge was launched in 2000 by a small group of writers who wanted to create opportunities for authors to not only publish their work, but to also retain their content rights and sales profits.

BookSurge grew to support leading publishers and independent authors, offering complete self-publishing, on-demand printing, and online distribution services.

In 2005, BookSurge and CustomFlix were both acquired by

CustomFlix’s name was changed to CreateSpace in 2007.

In October of 2009, due to the harmonies that would be created in the businesses, the CreateSpace and BookSurge brands merged under the CreateSpace name to become the publishing and manufacturing on-demand leader for independent content creators, publishers, film studios, and music labels.

And, the rest as they say is history.

Like I said, when I found this self-publishing resource, I already had a book in the works and was looking for a way to self-publish it.

Because Amazon had the foresight to see the needs of self-publishers, they provided a fantastic platform.

I don’t think they have ever really promoted it.

Nevertheless, word of mouth started spreading like wild fire because soon you could self-publish an array of materials.

If you have paid attention to my books on the homepage, you notice how dated the covers are.

Well, they’re “vintage” CreateSpace book covers, but they still sell and are holding court on Google SERP.

What are you waiting for?

Your book draft won’t finish itself, and if you don’t get cracking, you won’t get Amazon CreateSpace Royalties.

The royalty reports are emailed once a week to show how many books have sold and how much money you’ve made—no sales, no money, no report.

When you get mail, it’s a beautiful thing!

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