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Advertise With Rural Money

Advertise With Rural Money: Get Your Brand Covered On The Right Site

You are invited to advertise with to get your content on a site that search engines already trust.

You are also invited to write for me! Click on the Contact button and send me your brief proposal. Mind you, your post MUST be about making money, making  money online or saving money. It’s free! was established in 2015 because I enjoy sharing ideas about how to make money particularly working from home.

I wanted to help other rural homesteaders… find opportunities while being available to run their homestead… as a way to earn extra cash… and ONLY THEY can pull the plug.

When searching Google, you will come across many of my on-topic articles that link to ‘rural money’, ‘making money in rural areas’ and ‘saving money in rural areas’.

Many authorities are reporting that average families in rural areas have a financial problem and are struggling.

Extra cash and saving money can be crucial to alleviating these problems. is basically a guide with that in mind, which really shares some great information for homesteaders and parents…

Branded Content Is The Future Of Your Marketing Strategy

Best Reasons to Advertise With Me

  • Your branded content on will get more attention and create brand recognition.
  • Consumers like branded content because they believe it is more consumer-focused.
  • Since 99% of my posts aren’t a sales pitch, it creates trust between the brand and the consumer.
  • This cannot be said for traditional advertising.

If you are interested in advertising branded content related to what I’m promoting, then I’m interested in sharing it (branded content/advertising placements/including a single link).

As long as it is well-researched, original content that my readers like to see.

Branded content on that regularly shows up for the kind of content you’re promoting is going to be way more powerful than showing up on a vaguely related site.

By advertising on, you’re getting your content up on a real site, with a real audience, that you know search engines already trust.

… because it already ranks and gets traffic from search engines for this type of content.

So, instead of off-topic sites, go for something you’d do if you were looking for great information on the topic.

New Work From Home and Make Money Online opportunities, flexible job ideas, etc. are posted regularly, including Saturday and Sunday most weeks.

Also, I promote heavily on social media (Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. in particular). ~ Tonza

Advertising Opportunities

Branded Content: $50 – This includes a post highlighting your brand, work at home job or home business opportunity including one image you’d like included.

Email Newsletter Blasts: $100 – Email blasts are extremely popular and are especially effective when links are combined with a branded post in my newsletter (generally on consecutive days).

Sidebar Ads: $50 – Locations available are the right upper middle (300 x 250) and/or lower middle (300 x 250). Sidebar ads run for a full 30 days.

Combination Of Any Of The Three Above

*If interested in advertising with, please contact me via the contact form here.

It's only fair to share...Share on FacebookTweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedInDigg thisPin on Pinterest