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Postal Banking Why Turn U.S. Post Offices Into Banks

Some Senators are looking at adding banking to U.S. Post Offices. Why do they want to turn U.S. post offices into banks? They have done the research and discovered that nearly 28% of U.S. households are either unbanked or underbanked. This lack of access to affordable financial services drives the working poor to rely on costly and often predatory alternatives. [...]

States Helping Borrowers Hardest Hit Funds: Mortgage Assistance For Unemployed

Hardest Hit Funds: States Helping Unemployed And Financially Distressed Borrowers. As of 2016, an additional $2 billion was allocated to participating Hardest Hit Fund (HHF) states to continue foreclosure prevention and neighborhood stabilization efforts. The housing crisis that began in 2007 led to unprecedented home price declines, and sustained and higher unemployment in certain parts of the country. Families in [...]

rural-money-school2 Rural Money Is On A Mission

Help For Work At Homestead Newbies Rural Money is on a mission to provide help for work at homestead newbies who want to build a profitable homesteading business. I do this by teaching you how to package up all of your knowledge into a digital teaching web site, that makes you money online automatically using 10 income streams, without selling [...]

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NROTC Table Representative Get Paid To Help NROTC As A Donation Table Representative

NROTC Is Hiring:  Work Full-Time Or Part-Time The National Remember Our Troops Campaign (NROTC) is a 501(c)(3) military and veterans charity dedicated to remembering the service and sacrifice of all military service members, all veterans and their families, supporting those in need and letting them [...]

Make Money On Autopilot How To Make Money From Home Every Day On Autopilot

Set And Forget Your Work From Home Income Mothers who work from home are a growing population in many rural areas around the world. As more women want to spend time with their children, and need to bring in an income, there has been a [...]

Make Money Online

Making Money Online With ClickBank 14 Benefits Of You Making Money Online With ClickBank

Make Money With ClickBank ClickBank is an ideal option since almost everybody today is looking for new ways to make money online. This incredible resource [...]

Make Money With Your Smartphone Photos Free Smartphone Photography Can Make You Money

Everything You Need To Make Money With Smartphone Photography Is In Your Hand People take pictures every day for free, but do you know that [...]

Make Money Online Eliminate Your Fear And Get Affiliate Websites Today

5 Easy Affiliate Websites Tips Many bloggers ask themselves whether they can make money with affiliate websites every day and don’t believe it is possible, [...]